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2013 Beijing International Glass Industrial Technology Exhibition

Lewei Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd will attend the 24th China International Glass Industrial Technology Exhibition. Welcome to visit.

Name of exhibition: China International Glass Industrial Technology Exhibition

Date: May 24 to 27

Place: Beijing New International Exhibition Center W3-101

Display products: Glass Loading Table、Glass Cleaning & Drying Machine、Transitional Conveyor、Automatic Pre-positioning Conveyor、Automatic Walking Suction、Lay-up Table、Preliminary Heating and Pressing Machine、Infrared-heating Glass Autoclave

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Infrared-heating Glass Autoclave

Heat: Heating infrared medium wave of heating pipe. Several fixed temperature sensors and two movable sensors are distributed evenly inside the autoclave up, down, front and back, so the temperature in different parts can be tested at any time and uniformity also can be known, and then intelligent controlled by PID temperature software by comparing the result.

Magnetic Drive: Magnetic drive technique is adopted in autoclave. The air circulates under the power provided by the magnetic fan. The traditional dynamic seal structure is replaced by mechanical static seal structure, so air leakage is avoided.

Large Load age: There is enough effective using space after improving the inner system of autoclave.

Security monitoring: There is a video-head for monitoring the inner reactor of the autoclave, through which the process of glass can be watched.

Infrared-heating Glass Autoclave

Glass Washing Machine

The washing machine is the essential equipment for glass deep processing, which is used for the cleaning and drying of sheet glass. All kinds of glasses can be cleaned by washing machine, e.g. ordinary glass, coated glass, low-e glass and sun-e glass. The glass thickness is from 1mm to 50mm, the max width is 3.25m and the speed is from 0 to 10m/min. The cleaning section and air-dry section could be wholly lifted and the result is displayed by numeral data. It can be designed specially according to customer’s requirement.